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Investment environment in Israel

The rapid growth has raised the GDP of Israel since 2003. This year has largely been a crucial element for the state — the country is beginning to occupy not the last spot in the rankings for economic development. And it is not only among the countries of south-western Asia but all throughout the world. Israel ranks 30th place in Forbes magazine in the top best countries for doing business in 2014, it is one of the most significant achievements and recognition in the world community.

The internal situation

Of course, this is not the limit, and today the Israeli economy proves it year after year, and never misses the opportunity to impress economic experts around the world. Therefore, the government has shown itself as a global leader in technology protection of water resources. In addition, the country ranks one of the leading diamond processing, electricity supply and oil refining. This is in spite of limited natural resources and the relatively small size of Israel


The government supports a policy of subsidizing companies that are engaged in the research and implementation of advanced technologies. The country produced paper, wood products, textiles, mined potassium carbonate, phosphates, sodium hydroxide.

Agricultural economy

Israel is known as the country where the leading position is occupied by livestock stall. And it is here, Israeli state occupies the leading position for many indicators of the farm, outperforming the other European countries (for example, number of milk yield). They grow cotton, citrus, vegetables; dairy farming is well-developed and widespread winemaking.


The state is ranks one of the leading positions among the countries of southwest Asia in the development of rail and road transport. The length of roads and Railways confirms this, and this number is constantly growing.

There, in the world community is known not only "Indian programmers", but Israeli too. The population in principle is considered to be one of the most technologically literate in the world. There is a 90% high-speed Internet access — and this is far more than any state in the region, which represented Israel. Today, more and more companies trust Israeli programmers the development of innovations that.


For the processing of diamonds state imports raw products. This allows them to be famous all over the world for its high quality of processed diamonds. In addition, the country imports capital goods, raw materials, and consumer goods. The agricultural sector in Israel is imported cereals, vegetable oils, coffee, sugar, cocoa, and meat.

The external situation

Advanced technologies in software and telecommunications are highly valued. There are many offices of the most eminent companies — but this is not so important, the main thing is that companies trust the development and maintenance of its products to Israeli citizens.

It is not a secret that without foreign subsidies, which Israel received from Europe and USA for the economic development, Israel would not be expected such an outcome. But at the same time, you can see firsthand that the money was well spent. The confirmation is high ratings in various rankings of world organizations.


One of the most profitable parts of the external Israel’s economy is, of course, tourism. Pilgrimage to Holy places, particularly in Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem occupies a special place. In addition, the warm climate and the sea (on the one side the Dead on the other side the Mediterranean) attracts tourists. The economy of Israel only benefited — in particular, Israel increases its profitability having agreements with some States on the visa-free regime.


The lion's share of country's exports occupied by polished diamonds, pharmaceuticals, textiles, agricultural fertilizers, and technology (software, machines, equipment). Despite the fact that the country has no natural resources, Israel is second to no one insignificant players in the global market in many respects.

According to a report published by the Israeli Institute of export in 2013, over 65 years of state existence, goods and services export increased by 15 thousand times. This is despite the fact that it has no huge size and has limited resources.

Indicators in macroeconomics

If the per-capita GDP is taken into account, the state occupies the last place in the list of the most profitable countries, surpassing France and the UK in 2016 against this indicator. And it's just over 10 years, since 2007, the state occupied the 44th position in the world. Developing gross domestic product, the country only wins — this is both more significant value in the world political arena and mutually beneficial trade with other countries, and even attract tourists.

According to the global competitiveness report of the world economic forum published in 2017, the Israeli state occupies the 16th place, having risen in one year, rising up to 8 positions. Advanced technology, which is exported to other countries play not the last role. According to the same organization, Israel occupies the 15th place by such indicator as a business organization, and 11th place according to the scale of financial market development.

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